What’s the Best Feature from Windows Server 2016?

Windows Server 2016 will be launched by Microsoft. As a new product and furthermore as a Microsoft’s product, some customers have a high expectation for this system. They hoped that Windows Server comes with better features to make customers are easier to operate this and more comfortable as well. However, what is the best feature from Windows Server 2016? Below is the further explanation about that best feature.

Technical thing was released at the end of 2015. This technical thing is included some further added tools for Nano Server, Windows Container, Hyper V and Spaces Storage Direct. Microsoft had Windows Server 2016 is maintained to start in this second semester. From some websites, we can see that there are some new features that are announced in a technical preview so far. With this Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has an aim to help customers in on premise modernizing of data center and make it is easier to move in Azure cloud public. It means that some container and architecture like MICROSERVICE will take a role. Some public maintain are also made like the Hyper V upgrade and increasing the identity management.

The beta version of OS had already available since 2014 with the forthalready announced the further detail about Windows Server 2016 license. Customers will pay the per core cost, not the per processor cost when this service is launched this year. This step means that customers or clients will pay more than they expected. The detail of this software is done step by step as an IT department and it will wait the early bug and some other gossips that need to be solved.

The newest survey from spiceworks that was taken from 300 IT experts showed that there are only 17% of respondents hope to hold a new OS at the first time it was released. Most of them chose to make a jump in two up to three range of time. 43% showed that they don’t have an exact for upgrading with some many things that run on Server 2003. So, what you can expect from this Windows Server 2016 when it was launched at the end of this year? Below are some features that we can find so far.

Windows server 2016 is completed with Nano Server. The most eye catching update is the Nano Server introduction. It is developed with the name of tuya. Nano server is smaller and the aim of this system operation is that it is designed to run the modern cloud application and it will take a role as a platform for the container. This nano server promises fewer patch and update, faster restart, better resource because it has fewer operation system components and also better security system.

Windows server 2016 basically is really great. It comes with some features that will be loved by customers because it can make customers are easier. Those are some information about Windows Server 2016. We hope that this article is beneficial and you found what you were looking for about the best feature of this Microsoft Product.

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