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Nowadays, many kinds of businesses need websites as media to interact and communicate with clients. Of course, it is no longer limited to the content of information. There are also many other things that can be placed in websites. Moreover, e-commerce becomes interesting businesses that grow quickly lately and they also need website for the services. With these functions, great performances of websites are required and many developers look for a solution. In this case, one aspect that affects the performance is about cloud server. The server must be good to make the site able to work well without any error.

Great Choice of SSD Cloud Server

It is true that cloud server has important role in performance of websites. That’s why it is necessary to have great quality. Personalization and customization is the other thing to look for. In addition, actually there are many companies and providers offering cloud server with SSD as base memory. Among those providers, Seekdotnet.com is one of the most recommended ones. This provider really knows what people need when it comes to server. There are some interesting things to offer by this provider for developers.

  1. Great quality of server

About its server, Seekdotnet.com provides personal physical server. In other work, each client will have server dedicated for the website. This will make sure that there will be no other clients using similar server. As the results, the performance will not be shared and it can be optimized. Personalization and customization can run well with this special offer.

  1. Its price

Some people may think that good quality requires high price. This may be true, but it is not fully correct for the case of services offered by Seekdotnet.com. This web hosting provider knows that competitive price is still needed to offer. So, there are affordable prices to offer. Moreover, there are some options of services to choose. It provides five server plans and each of them has some differences in feature. This also depends on its price. These are the plans.

  • Bronze

This becomes the most affordable server plan. In this server plan, client can get 1-core CPU with 1GB of RAM. For storage, it provides 40GB with bandwidth up to 1000GB.

  • Silver

It offers 2-core CPU with 2GB of RAM. For memory, it is also twice compared to the Bronze plan. The bandwidth provided is 2000 GB.

  • Gold

The third plan is Gold. For this plan, clients will get the same CPU as Silver plan although there is better capacity of RAM and storage. There is 4GB of RAM and 100GB of storage. For bandwidth, there is 5000GB to use in each month.

  • Platinum

You can get 4-cores CPU with storage up to 160 GB and this is supported by 8GB of RAM. In term of bandwidth, it provides 6000GB per month.

  • Diamond

The last plan is diamond. In this server plan, there is 8-cores CPU with 16GB of RAM to provide better performance. This is accompanied by 200GB of storage and 7000GB of bandwidth.

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