Instagram Plugin Options for Your WordPress

Connecting social media to website is not something new in the world of blogging. If you are looking for the most popular social media these days, then Instagram is the relevant answer. Instagram is able to help you keep in touch with your visitors easily. Most importantly, it will make you and your visitor getting closer. Since this social media allows the users to upload photos and videos, you will be able to share many things through your website. However, you cannot install Instagram directly to your WordPress. In this case, you will need to use plugins. Here are some plugins that will help you to do so.

List of Popular Instagram Plugins for WordPress

  1. AccessPress

AccessPress comes in standard version that you can use for free with limited feature and pro version. Pro version will give you plenty of features. However, you might need to pay for it. As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to access Instagram from your WordPress. The plugin offers versatility benefits. You can move the placement of the Instagram and other customizations. In order to customize the layout, you can go to display setting of the plugin. Preset layout is provided if you do not want to be bothered with complicated adjustment.

  1. InstaLink

Compared to any other plugins for Instagram installation, InstaLink has unique feature. It short the Instagram feed based on three aspects. You can select whether you want to display the username, hashtag, or username based on the hashtag. The plugin also offers some presets as well. You can select one of the presets provided by considering the layout of the website itself. The gallery photo of Instagram feed installed with this plugin is responsive. Visit the customization to explore what it has to offer in terms of displaying the Instagram feed.

  1. InstaNOW

Aside from standard version, InstaNOW is also available on Lite Version. This version provides clean customization. The Instagram feed will be appear in the WordPress as you want it to be. The plugin offers three skins that you can select. The skin will switch the appearance of Instagram feed on your WordPress. It will make the Instagram feed more engaging.

  1. Alphine PhotoTile

From the name, you might already guess that Alphine PhotoTile is focusing on displaying the photo of Instagram feed. Other than the features it has to offer, the tool also has widget as well. As it goes with other Instagram plugins for WordPress, you can modify the appearance of your Instagram feed. Customization is required in order to make the Instagram feed does not seem out of place. The main benefit is linking more than one Instagram feed account with this tool.

  1. Instagram Feed

Despite being the last, you should not underestimate the features of Instagram Feed. The name of this plugin is self-explanatory. It will help to display the feed of a particular Instagram account. If your website is compatible for mobile version, the plugin will adapt to the new display method. It means that you can access the Instagram feed even though the website is being accessed using mobile device.

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