Hosting for Your SQL Server

SQL or Structure Query Language is a product from Microsoft that has a function to manage the relational database. Meanwhile, the definition of SQL is a management relational database that has some function to design an application that relates with server or client architecture. Commonly, SQL server is always used in business world with more basic complex but it has small up to middle scale. However, nowadays the SQL server is better on its development in which it is now using bigger basis scale. SQL server has a JDBC drive special for programming Java language. Besides that, it is also being able to make data basis of clustering and mirroring.

From the explanation above, we can say that SQL server is really important for your business. That is why; you have to choose the right and trusted hosting. What is the best hosting for getting the SQL server? The answer is There are many reasons why you have to choose to host your SQL server, such as:

  • It uses the latest MySQL hosting and SQL Server 2012 database hosting. This is a great offer from when you choose the Business Web hosting Plan. As we know that SQL Server 2012 is the latest SQL version from Microsoft. This brand new feature has a lot of feature improvements and better security system, especially when you compared it with the SQL server 2008
  • Clients or users will free to choose and decide whether they want to use the MS SQL 2012 database or the MS SQL 2008 database.
  • There is a full control over the user’s websites.
  • 24/7 Support. Your website or services will be monitored by the professional staffs for 24/7. It means that you may not be worried if sometimes there were any problems happened to you. They will help you anyway.
  • com is familiar with its friendly, familiar and also quick support. In fact, the reply in email is only needed for about in minutes and it has many other quick supports.
  • Uptime guarantee. This is really essential for your SQL server. offers an industry leading of 99.9% uptime guarantee that covers all the websites that are hosted by their server. It is for sure that this service will have a great effect for your business.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee. Because for claimed that the customer satisfaction is everything, they provide 30 days money back guarantee feature. It means that if you were not completely satisfied with their services for some reasons within first 30 days of usage, you will get a full refund of all fees of monthly hosting

From the description above, it is clear that SQL server is really essential for your business. That is why; you have to choose the right hosting for it. From many SQL Server hosting provider, the becomes the best one because it is already used by many users and they are satisfied.

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