Good Hosting Plans for Web Designers

Web hosting is an essential thing for blog or website whatever it types. There will be some negative impacts if we wrong in choosing the specs and features that are offered by a web hosting provider. Website is designed for many purposes. It can be designed for an online shop or so called the e-commerce and it can also design to make a personal blog. A good web hosting plan is always needed for those purposes. It is because once the online website server is down, even only for a minute; someone can lost for about hundred dollars or maybe more. Here is the importance of web hosting is needed. We need a stabile web hosting with great features and security features.

Below are the good hosting plans for web designers for making both, the online shop website or the personal blog. Check this out.

Good Hosting Plans for E-Commerce Site Web Designer

In choosing the best web hosting features for an online store, there are 7 main features that are really important. Below are those features:

  1. Disk Space Capacity. It is better for choosing a hosting that offers a huge disk space because as an online store owner, you will need to upload some pictures and videos for your content at anytime.
  2. It is also recommended to choose a hosting that provides a lot of bandwidth quota. Maybe, it is better for not choosing the hosting with unlimited bandwidth because in this world there is no unlimited thing. You can learn about this from many sources from Internet or from the other sources.
  3. SSD or HDD? Many web designers are maybe confused with the question for choosing the SSD or HDD. Most experts recommend choosing the SSD or Solid State Drive because it is faster and more stable than HDD.
  4. It is also recommended for choosing the LiteSpeed Webserver
  5. For the CPU Core, it is highly recommended for using the dual core system, except for small online stores.
  6. For the RAM memory, it is better for using the RAM with 1 GB capacity so it will be more stable on its performance.
  7. For the security aspect, try to choose a web hosting with double security. You can ask about this from the web hosting staffs.

Good Hosting Plans for Personal Blog

For blog personal, it has fewer problems than for the online store. You can choose any disk space with any bandwidth because we knew that the main purpose of personal blog is for only doing or distributing the writing hobby. However, all will be different if your blog was already popular and had a high traffic. You have to start in how to make money from your website or blog. One of a good ways to attract many visitors is by making or writing articles with good SEO and try to make only an informative information. It will be great for your personal blog.

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