Five WordPress Themes for Your Small Business Site

You understand the importance of having your own website and yet you have just started your business. You don’t really have the time to build and manage your web, at least not in the most professional way. But there is no need to worry because there are many WordPress themes available for your business. Simply choose the themes you like, naturally, with the tools you want, and launch your website right away.

The Available Different Themes

Not all themes are created equal since they are designed for different purposes and different mechanism. That’s why there are some of the most ideal and potential themes to try for your small business startup.

  1. Sirius Pro

This theme isn’t only designed for business in mind but also for artistic use. Is it appropriate for small businesses? Yes, it is, as well as the big corporate. If you are looking for a theme to display portfolio, project, team, or service, this is the ideal theme. Thanks to the professional finish and the great flexibility, you are given the freedom to tweak it the way you like it.  Making adjustments is super easy as this theme comes with myriads option for background color, homepage slider, color and font options, and different post formats.

  1. Struct

The overall design is simple and yet it is also totally effective. Since it is designed for startups and small businesses, there is no monkey business. If you want to create a website with complete feature, such as testimonials, slideshows, projects, FAQ, services, and so many more, this is definitely the right option. The color is dynamic and can be matched to your needs, thanks to Theme Customizer. It even includes translation, post types, and also custom widgets.

  1. Salient

A strong website is somehow ‘quiet’ but with a hint of professionalism in it. And that’s what Salient is delivering. The website has a professional and well-designed layout, and the great thing about it is that there are different effects for such a layout! Feel free to choose the classic, hip, trendy, or professional design. Your website will be your media to convey messages. There are 500 short codes to use for the design so you will have a blast!

  1. The Core

If you are looking for a professional and polished theme, this is the one for your needs. It has 16 different designs so choosing the right one can be fun. Want to have a medical site, a business site, or an artistic site? This theme will have all the possible options. The main strength of this theme is the combination of professional effect, modern design, and sophisticated finish. Not to mention that there are tons of useful features and tools to improve the finish and function.

  1. Divi

If you are looking for an easy theme, this is the one for you. It is beautiful. It is versatile. And it is packed with all the important features, such as contact form, responsive editing, testimonials, different design options, and so much more.

There are other options other there; each designed to meet a specific purpose. Browse around for the right option. After all, finding the perfect one doesn’t have to be costly, does it?

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