Finding Hosting for Your Sitefinity

What is Sitefinity?

Nowadays, we can find a lot of hosting options for Sitefinity. We can choose even from the basic one up to the sophisticated or maybe the cloud hosting deployment configuration. However, what is Sitefinity? Sitefinity is a native application of ASP.NET in which it stores most of the contents in a database. That is why; it is really essential to choose the right hosting for your Sitefinity. Actually, there are some factors and some considerations that you must take before deciding to use a hosting for your Sitefinity . Below are some factors that you need to consider in choosing a hosting for Sitefinity:

  • Visitors traffics and peak loads that are expected by you / the customers
  • The value of your website to the organization
  • The size of website in relation with content and pages
  • The website loads in related with concurrent users of updating contents.

Sitefinity Requirements

Actually, you can host a website of Sitefinity by using any computers that run with windows OS that is completed with IIS and it must be met the requirements system of CMS. It can be physical or even the virtual machine.

The other thing that you have to remember is that it is really important that a Sitefinity website is run in the load balanced environment. Why? Because it can eliminate the single point of mistake and it can give better scalability and better performance as well, especially under the peak of traffic leads. The code base and CMS website files of Sitefinity must be stored in a central place accessible even from each of the web server.

The minimum hardware for web servers that are highly recommended is:

  • It must be at least using the duo core processor at 2.66 GHz or maybe higher
  • RAM with 4GB or more
  • As a standard, it must be using the Ms. Windows Server 2008 of R2

Meanwhile, for database servers, the minimum hardware that is recommended is:

  • RAM of 4GB or more
  • The duo core processor with each 2.66 GHz or it can be higher
  • As a standard, it must be using the Ms. Windows Server 2008 of R2.
  • It must use minimum MsSQL Server 2008 R2

Those are the common requirements that you will usually need. In addition, sometimes some financial services organization and governments require that the CMS of Sitefinity application must run in their local network than in the DMZ. It means that the organization also wants to make a highly hosting infrastructure that is available and highly scalable infrastructure that is not containing any failures. They also want that it must have a disaster recovery or the backup policy in place.

Good Hosting Provider for Your Sitefinity

Those are some information that we can share in relation with finding hosting for your Sitefinity, about the factors, definition and considerations. We hope that this article will be beneficial and help you to find the best hosting.

There are so many hosting providers that support Sitefinity, as now, is one of good hosting provider that supports it. For the more details about offer, please go to this related page of Or you can contact the 24/7 Customer Support if you have any questions.

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