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Windows hosting means to host your websites by using operating system of Windows. It is popular for having reliable features, scalability, and excellent management. The internet and businesses integration process is also pretty well-known. If you use particular Microsoft applications, like ASP.NET, or you have future plan to build your own site with the latest .NET Framework, this hosting is the most suitable choice.

Affordable yet Excellent Windows Hosting Service in

For your information, has hosting that works every time, almost 24/7 and so many unique innovations in terms of doing Windows Hosting. It provides the newest ASP.NET framework that can fill your every need, ranging from business to personal. There are some excellent features supported by this Windows Hosting. First, a full automatic pre-installed scripts and software. It has .net core hosting and hosting that enables you to download and install some software like CMS, E-Commerce, Blogging, or Forum.

Moreover, there are also many kinds of CMS, such as PHPBB hosting, DotNetNuke, Joomla hosting, SiteFinity hosting, WordPress, and PhpNuke. All of them can help to make your website in the easiest way, even for amateur who is usually not accustomed to programming language. Well, just one click away from the customized control panel, you will have full control and access to all kind of installations mentioned before.

The Windows Hosting in uses Microsoft’s latest SQL Server 2016. This newest server has many refined features and performances. It also assures you more security than the SQL Server 2014. There are some choices of database for client. You can choose the most suitable database, whether it is MS SQL 2014 Database or MS SQL 2016 Database. For particular hosting plan, you don’t need to pat for the MS SQL 2016.

Another additional value of using this hosting is that it provides you with unlimited access in terms of email accounts. There is no limitation for every domain you created here. Even, by having one domain name, you can still have unlimited numbers of email accounts just the way you like it. You will like this windows hosting more since you can access the accounts literally, anywhere. The email server uses the newest SmarterMail to give variety of features and improved flexibility. This SmarterMail has another advantage. As it is considered user-friendly, you can use it in an easy and fast way.

Some people prefer multitasking, and this window hosting plan is the best choice for them. Each of plans consists of ASP.NET Hosting. With this one, you can manage to run some applications like Joomla, Silverlight, WordPress, or DotNetNuke. You have the freedom to add, control, and set your own programming language in MVC, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET in the identical server as it has robust server platform.

In conclusion, to prolong the advantages, if you choose this reliable windows hosting, you can install many applications just by clicking once. Besides, if you have more than one website, you can still control them under just one account.

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