E-Commerce CMS with Good Security System

It cannot doubt again that to make an E-Commerce website, we need great CMS with great security system as well. Nowadays, there are so many E-Commerce CMS that we can choose for making the online shop. However, it is triggering a new problem in which it is maybe a little bit harder to choose the best CMS with the best security system. From some trusted sources, below are 5 best CMS with great security system for your online shop.

  1. Magento

The first e-commerce CMS with great security system is Magento. Magento is an E-commerce platform that has massive users in the world. Furthermore, some big brands like Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, Visio, etc use this platform. Unfortunately, this CMS is maybe too complicated for newbie because it has some difficult features as well. However, Magento has complete feature for your online shop and Magento is available for two different types; Free and Paid. Free Magento is not completed with the complete features. That is why; if you were seriously in running an online shop, it is better to use the paid Magento version

  1. Prestashop

Prestashop is a new E-commerce platform, but you may not doubt about its ability. It is because since it was built on 2003, Prestashop is an e-commerce Platform with the fastest growth. Furthermore in Europe, this is an e-commerce platform that mostly used by them who want to make an online shop. Unfortunately, Prestashop just have few free theme and it also has the expensive premium theme price for some people because the currency that is used is Poundsterling.

  1. Woocommerce

The next thing is Woocommerce. For you who had a wordpress blog, you may familiar with Wocommerce. Woocommerce is a platform that is developed by WordPress. Some people said that it has a strong community relationship. Besides that, woocommerce is also supported by a lot of plugin that will be beneficial for making an online shop. This platform is also easy to use and it has various options of free themes.

  1. Opencart

Some people agree that Opencart is a user friendly CMS and it doesn’t require any specific abilities to use this platform. Opencart is also based on plugin that is available like woocommerce. Unfortunately, we can say that this CMS has simple and not complete features line what we can get on the CMS above.

  1. Oscommerce

The next e-commerce CMS with great security system is Oscommerce. Have you ever heard about this CMS. Oscommerce is a platform or open source CMS that had already used by a lot of people for their online shop. This CMS had been existed for about 15 years and it has thousands of adds-on that are developed by the communities and the oscommerce developers. According to some users, this e-commerce cms has a massive and active community from all over the world. It is really important because one of the strength of good CMS is from its strong community.

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